When you were going to take the internet connection, your network operator must have always promised a high-speed internet connection. Still, after becoming their customer, you have to remain satisfied if you are always getting a stable internet connection. You will require a stable internet connection to download or upload any file or even watch a movie. So, you will need to monitor internet connection drops.

Thankfully there is a way from which you can monitor your internet connection without downloading third-party software. Similarly, you can also use trusted software to monitor internet connectivity. We will tell you all the methods and much more. So, stay with us and learn how to monitor the internet connection.

Why Do You Need To Monitor Internet Connection Drops?

If your internet problem is sporadic, pinpointing it is much more difficult. As a result, applying the right kind of troubleshooting method will also become a problem. This type of infrequent network connection is commonly called an intermittent Network Problem.

Simply put, you can describe it as a network that is stable for a short time but goes away. This network issue can cause a headache because it is hard to identify from traditional monitoring solutions.

That is why you need another monitoring source, like a ping command or third-party software, to help you determine the problem. Then only you can apply the ideal troubleshooting method for it.

Monitor Internet Connection Using Ping Command

Monitor Internet Connection Drops

Using the ping command is a simple way to monitor your internet connection if you do not have enough time to download software and let it set up. It will instantly give you your internet status with only in few commands, as follow:

Suppose you do not get any of the previous two messages, then look for the “Time” value which is the time taken to get a response from a server. A significant difference in time value indicates a network connectivity issue.

If you cannot differentiate the issue in the server or connectivity, ping the Google DNS server is unlikely to have a connectivity issue. And then observe time to find out how much late you are getting responses to identifying connectivity problems.

Also, ensure you do not have packet loss in the report and observe variation between maximum and minimum roundtrip.

Monitor Internet Connection Using Software

Monitor Internet Connection Drops

An unstable internet connection can hinder various parts of your daily business. It is especially true for internet connection in the business office where work heavily relies on the internet.

In this case, efficient and trustworthy software is the most precise way to monitor internet connection drop. There are several internet monitoring software available in the market. Still, you need to choose the best one to get maximum benefit. To help you with this problem, we have listed some excellent internet monitoring software.


Unlike many internet monitoring software, which provides only software solutions, outages.io offer hardware and software solutions for internet monitoring. The hardware device will be attached to your router, and the software will monitor the firmware.

It identifies the weak performance of your network and outages if you have any. Its service extends to cloud service, remote servers, and remote sites. It will give a network performance report on a bar graph where you can see detailed information on the hovering course.

It will tell where the problem occurs, like on internet service, local or remote sites. You pinpoint the hop where the problem is happening.

Paessler Internet Monitoring With PRTG 

Monitor Internet Connection Drops

Paessler PRTG, an internet monitoring software, offers server, network, and application monitoring. You will get a unique method of monitoring through various sensors. Each sensor acts as a standalone monitoring unit.

Another interesting thing about this is that you can check your site availability through different locations using features like live view of the internet access speed of sites. It also incorporates a ping feature to let you know if your internet stops working suddenly.

You will get the live report in a line graph from three different locations, and if there is a problem, you will receive an email and SMS alert.


Nodeping is another great ping-based internet monitoring system. Here its cloud-based service issues a ping command every few seconds to check your internet status. This ping interval depends upon the subscribed plan.

The best part of the node ping service is that it allows you to make an unlimited user account. Hence you will not need to provide the same login credential for all accounts. Nodeping also checks your SSL connection to ensure your HTTP service runs correctly. You will also get a notification through SMS  or email if your network is not working.

What Is The Disadvantage Of Network Drop?

Intermittent internet connectivity problems can highly impact your work, especially your professional business. Here we have mentioned some drawbacks for you to realize stable connectivity importance.


It was all we like to add about the monitor internet connection drop. Hence stable internet connection is a life of entertainment and work. You can neither enjoy movies nor do your job if there is sporadic internet loss.

Therefore it is essential to monitor the internet connection. You can apply a prompt command if you have to check the internet solely for your personal use. But when it’s common for large organizations to monitor the internet, there is nothing better than using trusted software like Nodeping and Outages.io.

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