A good monitor is an essential requirement for digital artists be it expert or a novice. Let's know the Best Monitors For Digital Artists today.

Your profession requires you to use various software and needs a screen that can display high-resolution images with color accuracy and have a good response time.

Finding all these qualities in one monitor is not an easy task to do alone. To help you in this task, we have reviewed the best monitor for digital artists in the market. The purpose was to inform you about all the specifications and quality of various premium monitors so you can compare them in one place and choose the best one for yourself.

Therefore if you need a monitor with all the standard technology to meet your digital artwork requirement, you are at the right place. We have a list of some best monitors for a digital artist that will surely come into your use.

Comparison Of The Best Monitors For Digital Artists

Product NameScreen SizeResolutionPrice
Apple Pro Display XDR32 inches6K (6106X3384)Check Price
EIZO EV3285FX 31.5 inches4k, (3840×2160)Check Price
LG 27UK50027 inches4K (3840×2160)Check Price
Samsung Led Monitor28 inches4K(3840×2160)Check Price
BenQ EW3280U32 inches4K(3840 x 2160)Check Price
Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q27 inches4K, 3840 x 2160 pixelCheck Price


Best Monitor For Digital Artists – Top Picks

A professional graphic designer has some specific requirements for monitors. It should have high resolution and perform effectively in extreme measures. Also, have a lot of connectivity port options to join with other peripherals in the computer.

But the market covers various types of monitors and finding the right one with all the necessary specs is a challenge. Because graphic design is a work that utilizes all aspects of the display, hence it's the first thing to consider.

Aside from the display, there are two most underrated features of the monitor that many digital artists need to consider. These two qualities are the panel and color space of the monitor. The panel can be described as the material of your displays. 

The best type of panel available in the market is the IPS panel for digital art. There are options like VA and TN, but these displays offer less vibrant color and viewing angles than IPS. Similarly, some prefer OLED panel monitors, which have more color production. However, OLED panels will not give you sufficient brightness and lifetime and are expensive.

Color Space is another factor that differentiates quality monitors from ordinary ones. Color space means the number of color monitors that can display and the minor distinction between colors.

If you are a professional graphic designer who swears by color fidelity, you may want to go with Adobe RGB gamut, but if you can have this, then at least look for 100%sRGB in the display. It will give you a color shade that is difficult to notice in the ordinary panel.

Best Monitors For Digital Artists

We have listed some great options and their reviews with all the essential specs a digital artist wants in their monitor. They are as follows:

Apple Pro Display XDR

The pride of Mac users Apple Pro Display XDR is the best monitor for Digital Art you could get. It offers a 32 inches screen with a Retina display with an ultra-wide viewing angle. Your digital editing or photo editing software experience will be enhanced because of the 16:07 wide aspect ratio compared to other high-end monitors.

Your art will come out gorgeously on 6K with nano-texture glass. Plus, high resolution will give an immersive experience by placing it at an average working distance. It means neither too far nor too close in front of your face.

Its customer aspect ratio will give razor sharpness when connecting with the iMac 5k model on all four edges. It is because no bezel is present to cut out anything. It also has an ergonomic stand that lets you tilt, swivel, and adjust the height according to your comfort level.

Apple Pro Display is a high-end monitor for graphic design. Not only of the name, but it also has a gorgeous display of 6016 X 3384 Pixels, where each pixel is supported by PANTONE technology, enhancing color accuracy. Plus, you will get 1000 nits of full sustained brightness which can rise to 16000 nits of peak brightness. So. even if you place your Apple XDR near the window, it will still work.

If you are still doubting its efficiency, learn about its 1000,000:1 contrast ratio, which maintains color gradation like never before. Also, it offers 10 bits of color depth and a P3-wide color gamut that supports over a billion colors.

Additionally, it uses LED technology, which reduces the blooming while light shaping and intelligent image processing. This technology helps create real-life images with color pixels next to dark ones creating more excellent color contrast.


  • Give you excellent brightness to work in any environment
  • Great color contrast ratio.
  • High resolution of 6K


  • VESA adapter not included

Final Review

Apple Pro XDR is great for creating and editing HDR, HD, and SD images and videos. You can use various applications for photography, web development, printing, and design. This monitor supports all the applications neatly. Therefore, it is a monitor worth investing in if you want a working station for higher productivity.


Stylish design, high resolution, and mesmerizing color on quality display have made EIZO EV3285FX a favorite choice among digital artists, and it is clear why. With it, you get 32 inches to display with 4K UHD resolution to make your work easier.

Its display color panel is alluring and accurate due to the combination of 8-bit color dept and IPS panel technology. 16:2 aspect ratio and 1300:1 contrast ratio, you get maximum color diffraction on the screen. EIZO offers USB, HDMI, and DisplayPort 1.2 options to connect your other accessories.

But its display is not the only reason for its popularity between artists and animators. Its anti-flicker technology is supported by anti-blue light and anti-glare, which remove stress from your eyes and prevent fatigue build-up from long working hours.

Aside from this preventing harmful blue light, it also auto controls the brightness of the display from the sensor fitted on it. Thus, when working on images, you can maintain accuracy and detail without disrupting screen brightness by having 350 nits sustained.


  • You will get 16.8 million color coverage
  • High resolution of 4K UHD
  • Connectivity with various ports.
  • Wide viewing angle


  • It does not have a height-adjustable stand.

Final Review

EIZO EV3285FX is an acceptable option whether you are a commercial digital artist or do art for yourself. It offers a 31.5 inches wide screen with premium natural and vibrant colors. Hence you will be able to maintain detail-intensive work. It is an excellent option in 4K resolution quality.

LG 27UK500

Buyers highly recommend LG 27UK500 for photo editing. It is an excellent monitor that will reliably work with you for many years. Setting up this monitor is easy as pie. Its 4K resolution with 3840X2160 pixel resolution makes your images crystal clear.

You will not have to worry about the display panel with this one, as LG makes many other company displays. Due to LG on LG branding, you can see color with high vibrancy, saturation, and negligible banding.

Its IPS display comes with 8-bit color depth and 98% sRGB color gamut, which gives decent color depth and coverage. Aside from this, you will not have problems running any editing software or during video editing as it has a 60 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Although it lacks factory calibration from others, color accuracy and high resolution make up for that loss. Plus, there is no issue of backlight bleeding, and neither work will disrupt IPS glow. No doubt LG 27UK 500 is an excellent steal under this budget.


  • Great color accuracy
  • Clear and sharp display on which watching images is a pleasure
  • Users get an in-depth on-screen menu with a joystick
  • It can use Radeon Freesync.


  • No in-built speaker. You will have to buy one.

Final Review

LG 27UK500 uses Radeon free Sync, which means you will have a compatible video card on your computer. It's used to reduce blurriness on scrolling. You will rarely get this feature in a low-budget monitor for designing. These qualities make it one of the best monitors for digital art.

Samsung Led Monitor

Time has changed. Now everything is done on a computer and so does art. But doing art on a computer requires the support of a capable monitor. One such monitor on the list is Samsung Led Monitor, which provides overall support for your design work.

This monitor offers excellent 4K UHD resolution for everything you make, watch, and read. Its powerful performance will reduce your work through multitasking like work. This display allows 64 times more color than the ordinary monitor.

Users get fantastic color coverage of 1 billion colors. So that means everything looks detailed and natural looking and real life-like. You can edit fast-moving videos with AMD-freeSync, which has a 1ms response time. It is the highest response time currently available.

Samsung has done a lot of work not only in these features but also in its design. Its architecture is not only stunning but it is designed to contain a focus on your content for a long time. This feature is enhanced by slick and metallic black color, and this monitor also comes with a T-shaped stand.


  • Excellent performance supported by AMD free sync
  • Protect eyes with eyes saver mode.
  • Easy connectivity with UHD-compatible design.
  • Excellent support of multitasking with PIP 2.0


  • Need calibration.

Final Review

Besides designing, if you like gaming, then its fast response time and natural color vibrancy will enhance your gaming experience. It is ideal if you want a monitor with overall features suitable for designing and watching videos and movies. This Samsung LED monitor is the best choice for graphic designers who always tend to do something new.

BenQ EW3280U

Many of the big brands do not always stand on their promise nowadays. Many users have complained about a lack of performance and not quality degradation in their accessories, monitors, and computers. It is one of the reasons people opt for a new brand instead of big names.

In newer brands, the one company that is making waves is BenQ. Where big brands are failing in people's expectations, BenQ is doing just the opposite. Their newest 4K monitor is extraordinary in performance.

You will find nothing to nitpick about in its construction, material quality, and reliability. All of these come with low prices. So BenQ has all the impressive specs that need in the digital designing monitor.

Ultra-high-resolution image appearing bright and sharp on-screen with good color depth and rich color. Every high-level animator and artist will be satisfied with its mid-blowing display color quality.

From HDRi use, color contrast improves image quality, and its discreet sensor control monitor brightness is ambivalent. Also, BenQ gives a built-in 2W stereo speaker with a 5W subwoofer for excellent quality. It has an intelligent brightness sensor that adjusts brightness and color temperature to enhance the viewing experience.


  • Sensors can automatically control brightness.
  • HDRi enhances color saturation.
  • Adjustable height for giving optimal comfort
  • display quality with 4K UHD.
  • Offer great value for money.
  • Good refresh rate


  • Slow response time

Final Review

BenQ EW3280U offers a variety of high-end display and performance features that no other monitor offers in this price range. Its 34 inches display with 4K resolution makes designing work more manageable. You can also enjoy watching movies because it offers a great viewing experience.

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 

From the Dell quality name, you have U2718Q 27 inches with a 4K monitor from the Ultrasharp series. It is a fine example of how good a display can get without costing money. You will get a 3840 x 2160 Pixels resolution, enabling you to see pictures more clearly.

Its display combines excellent depth of color, high contrast range, and absolute clarity in this budget range. It supports 1.7 billion colors to create images like realistic views, which is excellent for building your material.

You get an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a brightness of 350 nits which is sufficient even for bright room space. Although Dell Ultrasharp may not be the least costly monitor in the market, it’s worth every penny you will spend.

Its Ultrathin bezel supports every task with a multi-monitor setup and offers a seamless virtual view. For connectivity, Dell has given HDMI, USB 3.0, and DisplayPort, enough to connect up to six compatible RF devices or Bluetooth 4.0 with Dell pairing.


  • High Dynamic Range
  • Give high color accuracy with 99.9% sRGB
  • You can view uncompromised images with HDR10
  • Multiple ports for connectivity


  • Ineffective anti-glare coating

Final Review

Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q has excellent resolution, high contrast, and superb color accuracy. It is worth buying for professional and aspiring artists alike. It is a great product that signifies Dell’s expertise in making computer products.

You get a great monitor with an external display and sign, but its inner components also have a good life. If you want to buy a graphic monitor in 4K, write down the name of Dell Ultrasharp on the land list right now. 

What Makes A Useful Computer Monitor For Artists And Designers?

Best Monitors For Digital Artists

The answer to this question is tricky because as art depends upon the artist’s style, so does the monitor choice. But after talking to many professional Digital Artists, we came up with the essential criteria that make a computer monitor good for artists. The requirements are as follows:

Type Of Panel

If you want to determine the quality of the monitor, you can easily do so by discovering what type of panel is used for display. Without any contest, IPL is the best graphic design panel, as mentioned before in this article.

The IPS panel promises vibrant color quality with subtle gradation in shades. The other option, like TN and VA, lacks this feature, and QLED is neither budget appropriate nor has sufficient lifetime and color. Therefore, choosing IPS is the only correct option when selecting a panel for the monitor.

Computer Monitor Size

Another critical criterion that makes a monitor good for designing is its screen size. Your choice of monitor size and your working area must complement each other. After all, monitors are available in different sizes, some even large as TV.

But we do not need a monitor, which makes your working space crowded. Another thing to note while selecting a big screen size is its pixel placement. The screen size and resolution are significant, but it's PPI is lower, and the images will not appear clearly.


Monitor resolution and connectivity port are basic features that all companies focus on and deliver similar results in the same range. But what makes a monitor for digital art exceptional is its additional features and lifetime.

Picking the right monitor for yourself involves choosing all the right features you require and use. Ensure monitors have different types of ports and high resolution over good enough PPI. A high-end graphic card and eye care feature will enhance your working experience more than expected.


There is no doubt that when discussing graphic design, the monitor is one of the most significant factors in deciding its resolution. Many options are available, like 4K, 5K, 8K, and even 10K. Now things are entirely different from when cathode tubes were used in the display.

You can choose the highest resolution available with sufficient funds, but if you are on a tight budget, you should go with at least 4K. 4K resolution means your images will appear 4000 pixels wide. Thus, it gives more sharpness and clarity to the image.


Several types of monitors with high-quality materials and specifications are available. Still, it always comes down to which kind of monitor you can afford. Having a monitor with all the necessary features is excellent.

However, before purchasing a monitor, you should outline your most important criteria for a monitor and then decide on a monitor because this way, you will have a clear idea of what features you are worth paying for.

Additional Point To Consider

Monitoring with the ability to rotate is immensely helpful when you must complete artwork in portrait orientation. It files the screen better. Aside from it, it would be best if you are looking for a monitor with a decent refresh rate and response time.

These two factors will be beneficial for smooth working. Brightness is vital if you want precise detail in your artwork. If your monitor emits more glow than necessary, it can affect your work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size monitor is best for graphic design?

The best size for the graphic designer monitor is 27 or 32 inches in the Retina XDR display. If you can't have a Retina XDR display, you can use a 4K UHD 3840X2160 pixel resolution.

2. How to pick the best graphic design monitors?

The best graphic design monitor criteria for choosing are screen size, color accuracy, budget, and panel type.

3. What is the best monitor for artists?

The best monitors for the artist are Apple Pro Display XDR, EIZO EV3285FX  LG 27UK500, Samsung Led Monitor, BenQ EW3280U, and Delta Ultra sharp.


We have done our homework when providing a list of the best monitors for a digital artist. Our goal is to equip you with the best value-to-money option. No doubt there are many options available for you to pick from. But you can not go through all these options alone.

After all, nobody has that much time to search the market for monitors individually. That is why we have made this comprehensive buying guide that details the monitor's specs and how to choose the ideal one for your design work. So check out all the assigned monitors and select one according to your taste.

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