Does your job require you to sit in front of a monitor for long working hours? Then you must look for a monitor with all the features to support your working hours. You will require a display that does not cause strain on your eyes and has a considerable size. Know about the Best Monitor For Reading in this blog.

There are many other things that you have to keep in mind before purchasing a reading monitor. To simplify your work, we have prepared a guide for the best monitor for reading. This list was designed after considering all necessary features and a detailed comparison of the available reading monitor in the market.

Once you read our reviews, you will get a clear idea of which reading monitor is ideal for you and what is the best choice under your available budget.

List of Best Reading Monitors – Top Picks

ProductScreen SizePrice
Asus ProArt PA278QV27 inchesCheck Price
LG 34WN80C-B34 inchesCheck Price
Acer Nitro XV272U27 inchesCheck Price
Dell U3415W 34 inchesCheck Price
Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA 27 inchesCheck Price
BenQ GW278027 inchesCheck Price
SCEPTRE Monitor  24 inchesCheck Price

Best Monitor For Reading – Top Picks

When you are looking for a monitor on which you will spend long hours, there are certain things you should keep in mind. The first thing to look for in a monitor is high-resolution image quality so that text should appear detailed and sharp from all viewing angles.

A good monitor relies on vibrant picture quality and should include a high-quality stand for adjusting. Functions like eye-care technology, blue light filter, and eye saver mode are essential to lessen the burden on your eye and protect you from exhaustion.

Other essential things in the monitor are a built-in speaker and various connectivity options to help you enjoy your hobbies and complement your professional work. These are some basic features that a reading monitor must contain.

Aside from these functions, you may also want to search for the maximum warranty and additional offers. Review our list to learn more about the best monitors and their specialties.


No matter how often we stress that picture quality is essential in reading monitors, it is not enough. You will only realize the difference when you see the Asus ProArt visual display in front of your eyes.

It offers the ultimate color and sharpness vital for reading documents and books. With Asus ProArt, you will get an accuracy of  ΔE < 2 for color calibration. This monitor has 2560X1440p high resolution over an IPS panel that makes finer picture details clear.

To deliver a crisp image in a dark environment, it has an excellent color ratio of 1000:1. Hence you get rich color and black detail. Plus, its 100%sRGB coverage ensures ultimate color accuracy.

Aside from display quality, it has provided a fully ergonomic stand that is handy when adjusting a monitor angle. Asus multiple USB ports support connectivity with various devices. Plus, you will get eye care technology to remove the burden from your eyes.


  • Asus ProArt ensures superb color accuracy.
  • It has a premium and purposeful design
  • An ergonomic stand
  • It has a Built-in Speaker


  • Its competitors offer 4K

Final Verdict

The Asus ProArt PA278QV is an excellent choice if you are looking for a reading monitor for your office work. Its blue light, Anti-glare, and eye care technology will significantly reduce the burden on your eyes, and you can work long hours without straining your eyes. It is a complete package with high-quality IPS panels and vertical orientation connectivity.

LG 34WN80C-B

LG34WN80C-B is perfect for readers who prefer a wide, curved screen with fantastic picture quality. Reading on this monitor is a superb experience due to its 3440X1440 pixel resolution over a high-quality IPS panel. Its 99% sRGB color gamut gives superior color accuracy, so your text appears clearer than any other display.

This LG monitor comes in 32 inches ultrawide curved design, which gives you an immersive experience, so not only good for reading but also for watching your favorite videos. But that is not all. Its monitors have a super 2.0 split feature compatible with HRD10 to do multiple tasks together.

Now moving on to its look, it's available in stylish black color and designed with a narrow border, so the reader does not get distracted while immersive reading due to the thin border. In addition to its vibrant picture quality, you get a tilt and height adjustable stand which is super purposeful for setting viewing angles.


  • Come With an IPS panel.
  • Amazing display quality.
  • Its ultrawide curved design for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Give a symmetrical viewing angle from all directions.
  • Adjustable stand for comfortable positioning.


  • Some users face problems with connectivity to accessories due to its USB-c port.

Final Verdict

If you usually work on a large spreadsheet and need to read the text repeatedly in a day, you will certainly enjoy it on LG 34WN80C-B. You can multitask, and a 175-degree viewing angle gives a great viewing experience. It is also good to monitor for software development purposes.

Acer Nitro XV272U PBmiiprzx 27-Inch Monitor

This monitor of the Asus company has made its name for color accuracy and picture-perfect display quality made it one of the most desired monitors for reading purpose work. User gest 27 inches high display in QHD with fantastic split screen feature for multitasking. So making a presentation is super easy.

Another thing to note on its screen is the DCI-P3 color gamut superbly works for content creation and graphic design. Hence it is also always on the list of the best monitors for graphic design. Its Delta E technology support gives its accuracy and vibrant color coverage of 1.7 billion.

But it’s complementary for work and lets you enjoy your gaming habit with NVIDIA anti-tearing GSYNC tech. Here you get a 144hz refresh rate for a buttery smooth gaming experience.

Throughout your worry about connectivity issues, Acer Nitro has DisplayPort, 3 USB ports, and 4 HDMI 2.0 ports. Hence connect your console and computer peripherals with ease. Additionally, you get two built-in speakers with 2W to support the text-to-speech function.


  • Provide excellent gaming features. Variety of connectivity support with various ports Outstanding color and sharpness


  • Although it is HDR, the screen is a little dim

Final Verdict

Acer Nitro XV272U must have a monitor if you are interested in graphic design and reading. You can create your presentation with great graphical content with the help of an NVIDIA high-tech GSYNC graphic card. It delivered vast natural color with precise accuracy.

Dell U3415W

We recommend Dell U3415W curved design that offers mesmerizing viewing that is ideal for reading. It has a 34 inches screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. Plus, 3440X1440 pixels will enhance the clearness of the text, whether it is black or white.

Also, this Dell curved monitor has a 99% RGB color gamut, ensuring color accuracy. Its large display is suitable for reading spreadsheets, and the split screen feature lets you multitask. On top of the quality picture, you will get a stand that lets you swivel, tilt and adjust the height for comfortable reading.

The best part of keeping your desk organized is that it has a built-in cable management system so you can orderly organize your cables. You can connect your cable to an HDMI, DisplayPort, mini-Display, and MHL.

Users can concentrate on reading with a narrow border which reduces border distraction. Therefore you get more viewing space and wide viewing angles. The sound quality of this monitor is decent, with 300 CD/M².

However, if you are hoping for a monitor with good reading and gaming support, this monitor is not for you because it comes with a 60hz refresh rate.


  • Crips picture quality and wide display
  • Excellent for reading work.
  • Built-in cable management.
  • Clear sound quality


  • Not suitable for FPS gaming with a 60hz refresh rate.

Final Verdict

Dell companies always provide money for value products, and Dell U3415 is undoubtedly one such product. Wide viewing angle and stunning picture quality, it successfully makes its mark as the best reading monitor.

Plus, you get fantastic sound quality with unique features like built-in comments for cable organizing. Your reading experience will enhance with a 34-inch screen and decent screen brightness. You will not regret your choice with this one.

Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA 

Next on the list is the Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA, with an alluring curved screen comprising all the benefits required for reading and watching videos. You will get natural color and crystal-clear images with a Contrast ratio of 3000:1.

Enjoy the viewing experience with its wide color gamut and curved screen. Also, if you want an organized desk, its v shape stand helps in having enough space for other computer peripherals. You can easily connect your audio device to a 3.5mm output jack.

Anybody who hates flickering on the screen will undoubtedly appreciate its anti-flickering technology. Plus, eye care technology will protect your eye from blue light emitting from the screen.

Its sophisticated design with a slick black finish will enhance the look of any room décor. With a brightness of 200 nits, it will ensure you will get clear text in any bright lighted room if you choose a monitor for your office Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA.


  • You will immerse while reading in its 1800R curvature.
  • Give a beautiful, classy, and slick design.
  • Purposeful anti-flicker and eye-care technology


  • Not a great viewing angle from the sides.

Final Verdict

This monitor has a stunning curved screen that offers an immersive experience and reduces the burden on your neck. If you read for long hours on the monitor, anti-glare and eye care technology will minimize your fatigue and not strain your eye. Samsung LC27398FWNXZ is a great reading monitor if the side viewing angle is unimportant.

BenQ GW2780

A surprising entry in the list is the BenQ GW270, a reading monitor with a 27-inch display screen made from an IPS panel. You will get a high resolution of 1920X1080 pixels, offering 81 PPI on this monitor.

Text will appear clear and sharp, and if you set it at an appropriate distance, it’s an ideal reading monitor. It will automatically control the brightness according to your room light because of sensor fits inside the computer bezel.

With this monitor, you get 250 nits brightness which is satisfactory for bright-lighted rooms but does not place it directly in front of the light. But its 175-degree wide viewing angle gives a good result even in looking at it from the sides, top, and bottom.

The company boasts about its edge-to-edge panel that gives an ultra-slim design with an elegant look. The best part is that you get flicker-free and proprietary eye care technology to reduce fatigue and provide optimal comfort for a long working session.

Aside from its real estate display, you get the built-in speaker and sound in the system. Hence the audio output of the BenQ monitor is sound. For seamless connectivity, you get three types of ports HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA.


  • The best budget reading monitor.
  • You get effective eye care technology and flicker-free display output.
  • Decent sharpness and color


  • The stand is not adjustable.
  • We need a better contrast ratio.

Final Verdict

Purchasing a high-end reading monitor is not everyone's cup of tea. You must like a budget option like BenQ GW2780 that provides all the reading monitor features and works effectively. We recommend this monitor for college students and professionals requiring a good picture and audio quality monitor with protective eye-care technology.

SCEPTRE Monitor 

Another ideal budget monitor for reading clear text and documents is from SCEPTRE, which comes with a 24 inches display in the IPS panel. Getting an IPS panel in this budget is already great. The 1920X1080 screen resolution provides the fantastic pixel density that requires text to appear clear and sharp.

Its In-Panel Switching panel with 99%sRGB color gamut effectively delivers splendid color accuracy with natural and vibrant color. Many budget monitors have a limited adjustability mount feature, but here you get a VESA wall mount that is good for comfortable positioning and eliminates cable jumble.

The SCEPTRE monitor emits blue light in low quantity so you can work for long hours without exhausting your eyes, which is also helpful in reducing fatigue in your mind and body. Although it has a built-in speaker, it is only suitable for essential audio-related work.

You will get 300 nits brightness with this monitor. Thus you can efficiently work in a bright room or your office. The best part is that it has a 75 Hz refresh rate, reducing the chance of ghosting and blurring issues in fast-moving games and videos.

Therefore, you can enjoy your side hobbies with your professional work. Plus, it has an anti-flicker function that helps reduce strain on your eyes and maintain quality images. With 178 degrees wide viewing angle, you can read text clearly from any side. For connectivity, it has two HDMI ports.


  • Good reading monitor in an affordable range.
  • This monitor has an excellent refresh rate and response time.    
  • IPS panel and high resolution deliver quality images.
  • Efficient eye care technology


  • The built-in speaker is of average quality.

Final Verdict

SCEPTRE has done a great job with this monitor, which delivers a premium viewing experience under the budget. Its IPS display panel has a wide viewing angle, making your text appear crisp and clear from every side. 

Although it does lack some minor issues, like a premium built-in speaker and adjustable stand, the overall experience does not get hampered by these functions. So remember to shortlist it when you purchase the best reading monitor yourself.

How To Pick The Right Monitor For Reading?

Purchasing a reading monitor is not an everyday task, so it’s normal to have some confusion about how to buy the right reading monitor for yourself. But the answer is simple: there are some specifications and features that you must keep in mind before deciding your ideal match for the reading monitor available.

The best reading monitor defining quality is its clear, sharp images with wide viewing angles and sufficient brightness. Aside from focusing on display, you should also check to ensure an effective eye-care technology that will not strain your eyes during long working hours.

In addition to eye care, it should have anti-flicker technology with low blue light emission so you do not build fatigue quickly. Also, an adjustable stand and multiple port support for connectivity are essential for smooth workflow on the monitor.

We want to ensure you choose the best reading monitor for yourself. We have listed some factors below that will help you in this endeavor.

The First Things To Consider: Screen Size, PPI & Resolution

The first and foremost thing that reading monitors engage in is their screen size, resolution, and PPI. It would be best to remember that high resolution might give you clear text, but the clarity will depend on pixel arrangement on the screen size. So the resolution and screen size go hand in hand.

For example, a 27 inches monitor with a 1080-pixel resolution mat sounds excellent, but in reality, it gives a bad credit because of low PPI. At the same time, the exact resolution on a 24-inch screen will provide remarkable clarity. There it would be best if you looked for PPI above 90.

The Second Thing To Consider: IPS, VA, or TN Panel

TN monitors are now older technology. All good monitors come in IPS and VA panels. Experts prefer it because the panel is better for reading monitors because of its characteristics. Experience a wide viewing angle with vibrant color and deeper black.

But the IPS panel is behind the VA panel. In contrast, the ratio will get better black depth here. But it is preferable only if you do a lot of reading in a dark room. Otherwise, IPS panels are often used for reading and graphic monitors to deliver stunning visuals.

The Third Thing To Consider: Low Blue Light Mode & Flicker-Free Technology

Although nowadays, most monitors come with low blue light emission technology. From your side, you need to ensure your monitor has this one. It prevents harmful blue light emission in all environmental conditions resulting in a comfortable and enhanced reading experience.

Aside from low blue light emission, another thing to note in the monitor is flicker-free technology. Every hour you are exposed to many flickers that strain your eyes constantly. With the help of anti-flickering technology, not only will your fatigue reduce, but your image quality of display will also be enhanced.

Therefore, if you purchase a new monitor, ensure you have at least blue light emission with flicker-free technology. The reading monitor in our list has both qualities, so finding these types has now become easy for you.

The Fourth Thing To Consider: Ergonomic Stand

The best reading monitors must-have feature, like the ergonomic stand, allows the user to tilt, pivot, height, and swivel for a comfortable reading position. It will help read the text in more vertical space.

Nowadays, many monitors come with a tilt function, but some have a height adjustment option which is pivotal if you want to set the screen at a comfortable height for reading. A monitor that has a swivel function will let you share the screen with other colleagues or clients sitting on the side. Additionally, it enables you to have a comfortable adjustment in a dual monitor setup.

Therefore a purposeful stand should be high on your priority list of features when searching for the best reading monitor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a curved monitor good for reading?

Curved monitors are more suitable for appropriate content in your peripheral than a traditional reading monitor.

What kind of monitor is good for the eyes?

A monitor that gives a sharp and clear text with eye care technology to lessen the burden on your eyes.

Are more giant monitors better for the eyes?

A bigger monitor is better for eyes only when it has an appropriate pixel density over the screen. 


A reading monitor can prove invaluable when your work involves continuously reading documents on your computer. That is why we have compiled a list of the best reading monitors for you.

They are best in offering sharp and clear text plus low blue eye emitting benefits essential for reducing strain on eyes during long working hours. All the options in our list have this vital feature for the quality reading monitor. So you can not go wrong in choosing any one of them.

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