Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Switch is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Its popularity relies on its mobility factor, making it different from PS4 and Xbox Series X. Let's know about Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch.

Unlike these gaming consoles, Nintendo does not require an elaborate setup.

But it does not mean that Nintendo gaming is only for the small screen. Playing Nintendo Switch on a big monitor gives an immersive experience. Let's figure out which are the Best monitors for Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo is different from other gaming consoles and does not need much hardware from players. Therefore gaming monitors will suit better for it because of their compact size and lower input lag. To support Nintendo Switch, you just require an extra HDMI 1.4 and brilliant image quality to make Nintendo work on the monitor.

You must work hard comparing different monitors, so we have picked the best monitors for Nintendo Switch to lessen your burden. Let's take a look.

List Of Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch- Top Choice

Product NamePrice
Acer SB220Q biCheck Price
Sceptre C278W-1920RCheck Price
Dell SE2417HGXCheck Price
ViewSonic VP2768a ColorProCheck Price
Viotek NB32CWCheck Price
BenQ EW3280UCheck Price
HP VH240aCheck Price

Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch – Top Picks

Nintendo’s Partnership with the big-screen monitor is an excellent way to experience Nintendo gaming like never before. The Nintendo original screen is only 6.2 inches, so even upgrading to a smaller monitor can make a lot of difference.

But before heading straight into the discussion of best monitors, there are some things that you should understand. For example, if you own Nintendo Switch Lite, you won’t be able to connect it to a monitor because it does not contain the proper hardware to support the monitor.

Users of Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED are in luck. They can look for a monitor with good resolution to enjoy their gaming experience. Although Nintendo does not demand high-tech specs, you should consider a monitor with a refresh rate above 60hz, good color accuracy, and low response time.

You can also choose a multi-purpose monitor so you can use it for Switch and other consoles and PC. These monitors must have all the necessary features to support Switch gaming and everyday work.

After thoroughly comparing and talking with experts, we selected the best monitor intended for Nintendo gaming. You find low to high-budget monitors with all essential specifications on the list. So look at the below-given option to find your ideal monitor.

Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Acer SB220Q bi

Acer SB220Q bi is one of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch gaming at a reasonable price. If you want a compact monitor that fills all requirements and provides greater enjoyment while watching movies and gaming, then it is for you. It comes with a 21 inches screen. You can use this monitor also for personal use as it is an all-rounder.

Anyone’s gaming experience can impede if they continuously struggle with screen tearing and other motion artifacts while watching movies or playing games. Therefore, if you want a smooth gaming experience, invest in this monitor, which comes with anti-tearing technology. It is the reason which makes Acer SB220Q bi one of the most effective monitors for gaming with anti-tearing and AMD-free sync technology.

Due to this combination of technology, you get a 70hz refresh rate and 4ms response time. It will give you a buttery smooth, and artifact-free gaming performance. 4ms response time ensures that images of the screen refresh quickly and your gaming session runs uniformly.

Acer SB220Q bi offers 21.5 inches widescreen display built on IPS technology that provides an ultrathin screen with a more excellent resolution of 1920X1080 pixels. It ensures performance in high definition so you can enjoy outstanding quality entertainment and gaming in the comfort of your home.

This monitor is gorgeously designed with only a 0.24-inch thickness. Hence it saves a lot of space and adds a touch of trendiness to your home décor. The 21.5 inches screen is in Full HD, giving you more vivid images and vibrant colors. Plus, its narrow bezel provides more room for viewing space for gaming and entertainment.

The monitor employs the latest liquid crystal system for the best IPS technology with a stunning performance. The color on this display appears like real life from every viewing angle. Aside from the display, it also has excellent connectivity options like HDMI and VGA ports. Its exclusive features add charm, like the Kensington lock slot and energy star compliance.


  • Gorgeous design
  • Budget monitor
  • Provide a wide viewing Angle
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight


  • No USB support

Scepter C278W-1920R

For gamers, immersive experience and competitive edge are essential while playing. For this purpose, a curved monitor is a brilliant choice. It also goes true for the Nintendo Switch. So if you want this curved monitor with a quality display, Scepter C278W is ideal.

It provides a 1800R (very deep) curvature LED display, enabling you to enjoy Switch gaming in a new way. The more screen space on a curved monitor made it easier to spot attacks and threats faster than your competitors while gaming. Another benefit is detailed and lavish graphics which give stunning game visuals.

Its screen size is 27 inches, with a 98% RGB color gamut. Hence you get natural color and strong contrast that enhance on a large screen. Additionally, you get an excellent ergonomic design that allows you to tilt and adjust the monitor to a comfortable position.

Scepter C278W offers VESA wall-mountable to users that reduce the clutter of cable on your desk and free up a lot of space. Overall, this scepter monitor is an excellent choice for your Switch if you want to stimulate your nerves while playing games and love greater immersion.


  • Lightweight
  • Curved screen
  • Excellent gaming images


  • Poor speaker quality

Dell SE2417HGX

Dell is one of the most recognized companies for making computer components. With the Dell SE2417HGX model, Dell once again proved why it deserves its name. You get a 24 inches TN panel display. It may not sound glorious as an IPS panel, but give a glance at its display and it will satisfy you with its quality.

It delivers picture-perfect images with perfect color accuracy. Its 1ms response rate and 75 Hz refresh rate ultimately ensure a lag-free seamless gaming experience. It also comes with the support of AMD free sync technology.

SE2417HGX has impressive features and a stylish look thanks to its narrow three sides. Its look will give a modern touch to your room décor. This monitor is for those who want to enjoy smooth Nintendo Switch gaming with a high-quality display.


  • Provide anti-glare screen
  • Give HDMI and VGA port
  • High resolution of 1920X1080 pixel


  • Do not have an IPS panel

ViewSonic VP2768a ColorPro

The ViewSonic name is always associated with quality in gaming computers. This monitor has an ideal screen size of 27 inches with Full HD resolution to provide outstanding results. You will enjoy natural-looking color with an IPS display.

With VP2768a, you get a high brightness level to see pictures easily in any brighter room. Thanks to the IPS panel's broader angle feature, you can see a clear view from any side angle. Aside from brightness, a 100% sRGB color gamut also enhances the color gradation of the images.

Due to a 60hz refresh rate and low response time, you get better input latency. It removes the chance of input lag. It offers several gaming setups which are compatible with Nintendo Switch. Plus, you get many connectivity options like HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort, and USB ports C, A, and B.

Another thing about ViewSonic VP2768a is that you can split its screen for multi-purpose use. It is a fantastic feature to use if you are a professional artist or photographer because you can work on one or more projects which involve exact color quality usage. You will appreciate this feature.

This ViewSonic model supports wall mounting features. It provides a VESA stand. However, this monitor has no built-in speaker, so that you will miss the sound. You have to employ an external speaker. But this will increase set up cost.


  • Premium display quality
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Seamless view from all sides
  • Various types of port


  • No built-in speaker
  • The control panel is not in front


Another beautifully curved monitor on the list is Viotek NB32CW with 1800R deep curvature. It is standard for many monitors considering its low price range. But what is most surprising is its bezel-free design giving it an edge-to-edge display which is like winning a prize in this cost range.

Its 75X75 VESA compatibility and thin bezel quality make it purposeful in multiple monitor display setups. Users can place this monitor on a dedicated dual or triple monitor stand. The slim bezel provides more stability to the structure. This quality makes it one of the most valuable and excellent models for playing games.

If you are still not impressed, then there is more. The display delivers stunning natural and vibrant images having coverage of 16 million colors. Due to its command over, so many colors provide real-life-like images that create engagement on viewing—a 60hz refresh rate supports all these images' quality to work smoothly.

With 1080 pixel resolution, the sharpness of the image is a high class that fills every inch of the screen for your view. It will give a sense of real cinema, the latest games, and more. Viotek offers multiple connectivity options in this model, like VGA, HDMI, and DVI and setup.

Therefore, this monitor will become your perfect partner for movie night, hours of writing, and much more. It is one of the best picks for Nintendo Switch gaming. So enjoy the outstanding viewing experience from the comfort of your seat.

You do not have to worry about choosing a place for it; you can place it anywhere in a light or dark area because it has an excellent brightness control feature. No matter which angle you see its display, its anti-glare treated panel gives you the same experience as sitting in a premium seat in a cinema.


  • Ideal for playing Nintendo Switch games
  • Multiple ports like HDMI and VGA
  • Different movie and gaming mode
  • Ultrathin and lightweight
  • Curved monitor with 1800R curvature
  • High resolution for gaming


  • Color washed out in some mode

BenQ EW3280U 

The BenQ EW3280U has a 4K resolution in 32 inches of a large screen, making it one of the best monitors for Nintendo Switch. Users who like to play games in high resolution will love this monitor. On this display, everything is more detailed and more explicit.

You get an IPS LED display with 38420 X 2160 resolution that delivers splendid images and excellent color quality. IPS display allows it to offer wider viewing angles, so you get a balanced view from all sides. Its 5ms response time is responsible for delivering the ideal frame rate per second of the game. So, you get seamless gameplay without any input lag.

Here you also get a brightness peak of 350cd/m2, a top-level feature for placing it in a brighter or sunny room. Its built-in speaker provides the decent sound quality required for gaming. You can use multimedia without requiring or investing in an external speaker.

In addition to a stunning display, you get VESA support for comfortable viewing. Plus, mounting it on the wall makes it more clutter free and clears the space on your desk.


  • Precise color delivery
  • Various dynamic features for image quality
  • The high contrast of 1000:1
  • Good quality built-in speaker
  • High brightness for any ambiance
  • Wide viewing angle with IPS panel
  • Provide 4K resolution


  • Expensive for Switch gaming

HP VH240a

HP has been making gaming computers for many years. No monitor and computer peripheral list is complete without HP products. Customers place a lot of trust in its name, and it does not disappoint with HP VH240a. It performs better than expected, considering its price and quality.

This monitor has a 24 inches screen with a Full HD display on IPS panel technology that lets you see pictures in 1920X1080p high-resolution. It contains a built-in speaker. Although speakers are less powerful than we like, they produce appropriate sound quality. Plus, you can use an external speaker whenever at your will.

HP VH240a gives an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 60hz refresh rate. It helps provide stunning visuals without any lag. On top of it, you have a 5-ms response time to offer a faster frame rate. The monitor has a coat of anti-glare, matte technology.

The quality displayed is marvelous due to IPS LED-backlit that covers 2 million pixels and can produce over 16.7 billion colors. Also, it comes with vertical support. Therefore, you can also use it as a vertical monitor. Because it supports 90-degree rotation and 5 to 30-degree tilt, hence adjust it according to your need.


  • IPS panel technology provides a wider viewing angle
  • Vertical monitor support
  • You can adjust the monitor on 90-degree rotation and 5 to 30-degree tilt
  • Offer ports like HDMI, VGA, and HDCP
  • The anti-glare matte coating on the screen


  • Subpar speaker quality

What Things To Consider When Buying the Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch?

Best Monitor For Nintendo Switch

Buying an ideal monitor that suits your every need takes work, especially when many options are available. There is a certain vital function your monitor must have to support smooth gaming.

Functions like response time, cost, and more should be the first things you need to look at in the monitor. If you want detailed information on these functions, you can continue to read below, where we have mentioned all essential components. It will help you in picking the best monitor for yourself.

Response Time

The monitor's response time is when the device responds to the command. The lower response time of the monitor means greater efficiency. If you want to enjoy Nintendo gaming fully, consider buying a monitor with a response time between 1 and 5ms which is ideal for playing games on a monitor. But ideally, you should go with 1ms time for optimal use of the Switch platform.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is another vital component if you intend to purchase a monitor for Switch gaming. For a free gaming experience, consider a monitor with a high refresh. Nintendo gaming at least needs a 60hz refresh rate to work without input lag. However, if you are looking for a monitor that lets you play high pace games, make your foolproof and go with a 120Hz refresh rate.


Now let’s talk about the most crucial factor, which is cost. It decides the functions you will get. The richer the feature a monitor has, the more price you have to pay. Thankfully Nintendo gaming does not require high-end features. Many monitors will give a brilliant experience without wasting a lot of money. Therefore make a list of features you need and find the monitor according to them.

Screen Resolution

Nintendo Switch has a resolution of 720p to 1080p on a screen size of 6.2 inches. The most resolution that it was capable of supporting in the past was 1080p. That is why monitors like 1440p and 4K resolution were useless to it. Customers commonly used to play Nintendo on their TV screens.

To overcome this problem, Nintendo has released a Nintendo HDMI adapter for gamers who want to play in High resolution. Nowadays, Nintendo supports any type of high resolution. The ideal solution for Nintendo is 1080 to 1440 pixels.

Screen Size

While choosing the screen size, there are many things to consider, for example, space and pixel density. A large monitor requires more room on your desk. You do not want to crowd your desk by purchasing a larger monitor. Another thing is its pixel density because your pixel placement is responsible for clear images.


To connect Nintendo to the monitor, you must have HDMI 1.4. If you do not have this port on your monitor, you must buy an HDMI adapter to join your Nintendo Switch and monitor. Many monitors on the list have HDMI ports, and some also have other ports like DisplayPort and USB.

Eye Care Technology

Gamers spend most of their time staring at the monitor compared to other users. Long-time exposure to monitor screens can cause damage to anyone’s eyesight. Therefore investing in monitors with eye care technology is worth your money. This facility provides anti-blue light and anti-flicker technology to prevent injury and eye strain to the user’s eyes.


Last, you need a high-quality built-in speaker to enjoy your gaming experience. Although you get a more enhanced experience with an external sound system, it also requires spending more money. Furthermore, many companies nowadays provide exceptional quality but-in speakers for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I connect my Nintendo Switch to a PC monitor?

You can connect your Nintendo Switch console to a PC monitor with an HDMI 1.4 port. If your monitor does not have this port facility, you can purchase an HDMI adapter for connecting your PC and Nintendo Switch.

2. Is a TV or monitor better for Nintendo Switch?

You can go with it if you have more space to play games on TV. But if you only have a medium size desk, then going with a 27 inches monitor is the ideal choice.

3. Can you use an iPad as a monitor for playing Nintendo Switch Games?

Yes, the iPad is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. Hence it can work as a monitor.

4.  Is a portable monitor worth purchasing for Nintendo Switch?

No, although portable monitors can work with Nintendo, it's completely redundant when Nintendo is already a mobile device.


This discussion concludes that having a high-resolution monitor for Nintendo gaming resolution is best. A High-resolution Full HD display is ideal, or you can opt for the above. You can also choose a 4K resolution with a large budget.

The above mentioned option in this article is the best monitor for Nintendo Switch because of its efficient performance. So you can purchase any of them without any worry.

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