How to Plan a Perfect Stag Party

Saying goodbye to the single hood is a momentous event in every man’s life. Gone are the days of reckless partying and drunken nights which are sure to be missed in married life. Throw off a stag party that will surely leave your guests in a daze and the groom without regrets for the life he’s about to leave behind. Not sure how to do it? Here are some tips:

1. Plan ahead

If the wedding is in two months, start planning now! Remember that the stag party happens before the wedding so planning should start earlier. While you are making plans, be as secretive as possible because the secret of the perfect stag part is the unpredictability of the activities. Keep the guests guessing and fill them up with anxious apprehension for your activities.

2. Start With the Choice of a Theme

When you start your plan with a theme, things will be easier to plan. The theme will be the centre of the whole party, and everything will go from there. You may choose a policeman theme or just anything that will jazz up the party. Before deciding on them though, consider the wishes of the groom and the preferences of the guests if you don’t want a pouting groom during your party.

3. Consider the Number of Guests

A stag party consists of the closest friends of the groom and are usually around 10-12 people. This is an ideal number since it is very manageable. Do not invite people who are not very acquainted with the rest of the gang. If you do, you must include a get-to-know part at the beginning of the party to initiate them into the group.(

4.Set the Date and the Budget

Ideally, the best time to hold the stag party two weeks before the wedding day. In this way, the groom still has time to recover from the frenzy of the party or set back his thinking of getting married. It is inevitable to have grooms who doubt whether to get married after a wild stag party, so it is best to do it on an earlier date. The budget is also a huge consideration that should be included in the checklist. Ask the groom about how much he is willing to spend, and you might also ask some of your close friends if they want to contribute to the party. Make it everybody’s party. (

5.Book Earlier

If you are planning to hold the party in a public function hall or somewhere other than the house, make your booking at least a month before the party. In this way, you can be sure that no discrepancies happen and if they do, you still have ample time to fix it. If strippers are coming, call them at an earlier time and remind them again a week before the night and a day before if you really want to be sure.

See, planning a stag party is really easy as long as you know how to be organized. Make a checklist of the things that need to be arranged and things to be bought so that every detail is attended to. The key to throwing a perfect stag party is to consider the most important things and to be conscientious with the planning. Let the groom sail off to married land with a wide grin on his face. (